Our models: K-Ryole Van XL

The bicycle cart is safe, adaptable and waterproof. For professionals in the food, maintenance and goods handling sectors.

350 kg loading capacity
2 m³ loading space

350 kg loading capacity
2 m³ loading space

drives itself – electrically powered

drives itself – electrically powered

bicycle or pedestrian mode

bicycle or pedestrian mode

Range is extendable

Range is extendable

Up to 350 kg and 2 m³ payload with double rear doors and a side door for easy access.
Load and trailer secured with the RFID badge locking system.

Carries up to 18 standard Euro-sized crates, insulated containers, packages, tools and equipment, as well as long objects thanks to the roof rack.

Loading capacity: 
350 kg

DC Motor 3000W

Weight unloaded:
185 kg

Loading space:
2 m³

Speed bike:
25 km/h | on hand 7 km/h

Lithium 1,6 kWh 

Total dimensions:
224 x 101 x 188 cm

30 – 40 km per battery

  • RFID security:
    Cargo and engines secured by RFID badge

  • Double access:
    Cargo secured by RFID lock. Access to goods via side and rear doors.

  • 2m³ cargo space:
    Large load capacity. Compartmentable and adaptable

  • Roof racks:
    Safe transport of long, wide or bulky loads

  • Option:
    insulated compartments

  • Option :
    intermediate shelves

  • Option: cover

  • Optio: extra battery