Electric mobility for the Last Mile:

Fast, sustainable, solutions without the need for a driving licence, or a moped licence. For professionals only!


K-Ryole is an electric bike trailer with a large load capacity of up to 350 kg. No worries about traffic jams or parking problems. You don’t need fuel or a driving licence and you don’t have to pay for parking.

K-Ryole’s Kaptor technology automatically adjusts to the speed of whatever is pulling it, whether it’s a bicycle or a person. The electric trailer can be steered with just one finger. The range is between 30 and 40 kilometres.

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Ligier Pulse 4: the professional electric commercial vehicle

The Pulse 4 is an electric light van which with its various configurations is a great all-rounder. A sustainable choice, because the Pulse 4 is 100% electric. No logistical challenge is too crazy, because this modular commercial vehicle always offers an effective solution. For example, using its unique Clip system, an exclusive Ligier innovation!

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Ligier Pulse 3: the professional electric three-wheeler scooter

The Pulse 3 is an electric three-wheeler with convenient storage space both in the front and at the rear that allows you to transport up to 65 kg of equipment. It comes equipped with a special tilt system, which tilts the driving position 30 degrees for more stability when cornering or when parking. What’s more, the reinforced chassis is great at withstanding knocks. The Pulse 3 is agile, safe, easy to operate and manoeuvre.

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GoLo bike

The GoLo is a one-of-a-kind cargo bike platform that is as versatile as it is practical. It combines comfort with load capacity and practicality, making it ideal for everyday activities.

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Urban Mobility Group Benelux

Urban Mobility Group Benelux is THE specialist in the field of electric mobility for the last mile for professionals.

Urban Mobility Group Benelux imports a complete range of light electric commercial vehicles (LEV) under its name. Urban Mobility Group selects its brands on quality, TCO, European production and takes care of all the technical aspects.

We are part of Ligier Group Benelux, which has been importing city cars in the Benelux for 40 years. We have over 50 million kilometres of experience in electric commercial vehicles in the LEV (Light Electronic Vehicles) small cargo segment. With Ligier Professional, we have been supplying and maintaining scooters for postal companies for 10 years now. This makes us an experienced partner in the postal delivery market.

Recently we have also added the K-Ryole and the Golo bike to our range. We can now offer a complete solution for our customers.

You can visit our experience centre in Goes to test the entire range. But we are also happy to visit you at your own premises to make an assessment of your working practices and advise on a suitable mobility solution. You can also take advantage of a free trial period and test our mobility solutions with your own activities.

  • Our products are sustainable

  • Made in Europe

  • Tax-efficient

  • For everyone, with or without a driving licence