Typical customers

Campsites and leisure parks

Silent, compact and suitable for a broad customer base. The vehicles from Ligier, K-Ryole and GoLo Bike offer a fitting solution for every activity at campsites and leisure parks. For catering they can be used for refrigerated transport, the transport of products, maintenance work or the collection of refuse.

Suitable vehicles for campsites and leisure parks:

Park maintenance services, local authorities and public open spaces

Park maintenance services, local authorities and public open spaces

Reliable, modular and suitable for a wide target group. The vehicles of Ligier, K-Ryole and GoLo Bike offer a solution for every activity to do with park maintenance and local authority services. Whether it’s watering green areas, landscaping, emptying waste bins or spreading salt.

Suitable vehicles for park maintenance, local authority services and public open space:

Last mile delivery

Avoid parking costs, traffic jams and car- and bike-free areas with mobility solutions for last mile delivery. For every logistical challenge, Ligier, K-Ryole or GoLo Bike offer the solution in urban areas. Whether it’s the delivery of packages, fresh produce or medicines.

Suitable vehicles for last mile delivery:

Technical services

Carrying out technical work in urban areas? Lots of tools to transport? With the solutions from Ligier, K-Ryole or GoLo Bike, there is always a suitable mobility solution. With Ligier’s compact commercial vehicle, you can easily find a parking space or take your tools inside by using the K-Ryole trailer.

Suitable vehicles for technical services:

Refrigerated transport, food and medicines

Active in refrigerated transport, such as fresh produce, medicines or other refrigerated transport? With mobility solutions from K-Ryole, Ligier or GoLo Bike, there is always a suitable solution. Suitable for transport by hand, behind the bike or by car.

Suitable vehicles for refrigerated transport, food and medicines:

Driving licence-free solutions

Take advantage of the inclusivity in society by selecting staff more broadly. Choose a vehicle that does not require a driving licence or only a moped (AM) driving licence. Embrace the possibility of having personnel without a driving licence transporting loads of up to 350 kg and 2 m3. The solution in a tight labour market.

Suitable vehicles for driving licence-free solutions:

Bicycle couriers

K-Ryole and GoLobike offer the solution for urban transport while maintaining load space and capacity. Also the solution to parking problems, traffic jams and parking costs.

Suitable vehicles for bicycle couriers:

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